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The Hague, The United Nations, CIA, and International Law

“The purpose of the Hague Conference is to work for the progressive unification of the rules of private international law.” Continue reading

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Global Currency to Arrive

… well, for the countries who are smooth and rich enough to warrant the European Central Bank’s approval and admittance. This is another step towards a world government. Up until recently, I wasn’t sure if I believed that would happen … Continue reading

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The G8 / G20 Summit – 2010

I knew something was sketchy when the G8 / G20 Summit wasn’t televised as it actually took place. I am in a geographical location to KNOW this; the mainstream media was pushing the TORONTO locale. The real convention took place … Continue reading

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We Live in Insane Times

Not much makes sense to me anymore. I almost wish I had never ‘tuned in’ to the voice inside of me, demanding answers. The question? It is the biggest one conceivable. I asked questions of everyone I know and have … Continue reading

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