Phsychoanalysis and Medication

Has this combination ever done anything but create the appearance mental / emotional wellness in patients?  I send this question out to anyone who is willing to listen, and perhaps give productive feedback.

I’m undecided. I am reluctant to believe that the human spirit is  “healed” in this strange (though politically and socially correct) fashion.

WHY … why, why why are the masses are so willing (and trusting) to ingest medications they know nothing about?

This leads to other important questions:

– Is a patient actually in need of potentially dangerous and addictive drugs? How qualified is the clinician to assess a patient’s mental capacity?

– The history of the patient is important; is a person simply a victim of “clever” advertising and putting too much faith in their doctor?

– WHO IS the patient? How have their life experiences contributed to present mental stressors?

– As a person who has seen far too many doctors, I have studied their verbal / body language and movements, reactions, and tendencies. All too often, we are expected to inherently trust our doctors. Well, I believe trust is earned between ALL human beings, and don’t care if someone is a doctor, hobo, or the prince of Saudi Arabia. Trust is not inherently given without earning it.


Doctors should have intuition; highly valuable, yet lacking, feature of the medical community. I have one thing (for sure) going for me: my intuition. I know it because I have it, and can pick it up in others.

Why is such a basic, primal instinct overlooked in the medical industry?

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