The Power of Music

Music needs no introduction – it is the introduction. Music has the power to create. The ability to enlighten and inspire. Music speaks for itself. Try to explain the effect of music, and it can not compare to the experience.

Many genres are effective in reaching its target audience on a subatomic level of pure consciousness which cannot be properly understood or ‘felt’ without direct experience.

On the flip-side, music can serve as a negative tool to sway impressionable masses towards corporate / capitalist gain, with a minimal positive outcome. Some combinations of vibrations, frequencies, and human manipulation of these elements (including deceptive vocals and subliminal messages) are destructive. Can you hear the difference between these combination choices, and, are you paying enough attention to identify persuasive attempts to control you?

I love music. Most do! I also refuse to be a consumer to corporate interests and easily led by quasi-clever marketing douchebags. They don’t give a fuuuuck about you and will take as much money from you as possible (as little as you have). There are highly organized and  intelligent committees in place to watch your emotional reactions of music, art, and politics; they do this to keep you submissive, controlled, and ultimately, lower than they are.

Take these examples:

1. Live recording of ‘London Calling’ by The Clash. (punk)

2. Live concert recording of ‘Symphony of Destruction’ by Megadeath. (metal)

3. Live set by Deadmau5. (electronica)

4. Live concert video of ‘The Jonas Brothers’.

5. Live performance by Eminem and Rihanna: Like the Way You Lie.

Listening and watching audience reactions is paramount in forecasting public interest, budget projections, and estimating ‘pop culture’ economic returns benefiting hegmonically-dominant shareholders. Know when you are being used.

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