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The Power of Music

Music needs no introduction – it is the introduction. Music has the power to create. The ability to enlighten and inspire. Music speaks for itself. Try to explain the effect of music, and it can not compare to the experience. Many … Continue reading

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Why we fuck shit up.

Ok, I apologize for the foul language, but I needed a hook. Stating “fucked up shit” is more effective in trying to hook an audience than something pretentious and, ultimately, ignorance just sucks. I am guilty of both ‘crimes’. However, we’re … Continue reading

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Changes Made to Disclaimer

I added some useful links for anyone interested in international law and, in particular, human rights to this site’s disclaimer. It is imperative that (at least some of us) take initiative and understand our rights as human beings. All too … Continue reading

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Tips : Surviving in a Linear, Controlled Society

Let’s face it: trying to adapt to a society built on financial gain and conformity is really hard for some people. For some of us, it is impossible. At least once a day, I read something or hear something which … Continue reading

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Dr. Steven Greer talks about scalar and zero-point, extraterrestrial life

Scalar / Zero Point Device There have been interesting developments in the past few years, many of which aren’t openly discussed or understood. Dr. Greer is obviously an intelligent man with a lot to say and even more supporting information assisting his claims. It … Continue reading

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Space Weaponization

Questions I ask myself: – How much of this is true? – How can peaceful, enlightened civilizations survive as part of a “warrior culture”? – Will this cycle ever change? What does it really mean?

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Phsychoanalysis and Medication

Has this combination ever done anything but create the appearance mental / emotional wellness in patients?  I send this question out to anyone who is willing to listen, and perhaps give productive feedback. I’m undecided. I am reluctant to believe that … Continue reading

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