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Spiritual & Creative Sources


  • The Conscious Media Network (phenomenal source of information for all evolutionary-minded people;  huge collection of interviews with some fascinatingly brilliant people. Concepts such as Karma, Aramaic interpretations of the Bible, meditation, creativity, frequencies, and energy … in addition to so much more). ***You will need to sign up for a trail 5-day membership to view the contents of the entire site – I’ve had my membership for 2 weeks and haven’t had to pay yet, so I believe that system is in place to sift through the spammers and such.**
  • EnlightenNext (Great site with interesting articles for “Evolutionaries” seeking to revolutionize consciousness and further understanding of the Universe)
  • William Roy: Visual Alchemist on Vimeo (William Roy is a truly conscious artist; he uses Mystic themes, sounds, and images through video and other mediums to create art you have likely not seen before).
  • Hubble Site (I put this link in “Spiritual and Creative” because I find the photos taken by the Hubble Space Telescope absolutely gorgeous; they give us hope, and the ability to dream).



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