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Technical Links

  • (Large Synoptic Survey Telescope – newest telescope which works closely with the LHC/ CERN)
  • SKY-MAP (Supposedly covers 25% of the viewable sky from Earth with high res images)
  • HEASARC (High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center: NASA’s archive of  data on energetic phenomena)
  • National Virtual Observatory (US NVO: The NVO is the National Virtual Observatory, the US-based Virtual Observatory project that is collaborating with the International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA) to make it possible for astronomical researchers to find, retrieve, and analyze astronomical data from ground and space-based telescopes worldwide. – Via
  • Wikisky (Awesome interactive site/ tool to view outside Earth)
  • World Heritage Sites by UNESCO (High definition 360° images of UNESCO’s ‘Heritage Sites’) – if you don’t know what this means/ what this is, I recommend reading up about it.
  • Unesco (I haven’t figured these guys out completely, but they are sponsoring/ managing some ridiculously important decisions about Earthen locales of historical and cultural significance – and the possible moving/ demolition/ changing of history as we know it)
  • The Shrine of the Book (a property managed by Unesco, The Shrine of the Book is a separate building adjacent to the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. It is described as “resembling a cave”, is quite large, and mysteriously shaped like a rounded cone. Another undertaking nearby is the Rockefeller Archaeological Musum, which opened in 1938).
  • Rockefeller Archaeological Museum (I still haven’t figured out why the Rockefeller’s would have an entire museum in their honour – in Israel – to showcase and pay ‘tribute’ to their accomplishments … why Israel? Other than being financiers, which is admittedly worth discussing, what has the Rockefeller family contributed to Israel SO deserving of their own ‘special anointed area’ to preserve their name and legacy?

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