The Power of Music

Music needs no introduction – it is the introduction. Music has the power to create. The ability to enlighten and inspire. Music speaks for itself. Try to explain the effect of music, and it can not compare to the experience.

Many genres are effective in reaching its target audience on a subatomic level of pure consciousness which cannot be properly understood or ‘felt’ without direct experience.

On the flip-side, music can serve as a negative tool to sway impressionable masses towards corporate / capitalist gain, with a minimal positive outcome. Some combinations of vibrations, frequencies, and human manipulation of these elements (including deceptive vocals and subliminal messages) are destructive. Can you hear the difference between these combination choices, and, are you paying enough attention to identify persuasive attempts to control you?

I love music. Most do! I also refuse to be a consumer to corporate interests and easily led by quasi-clever marketing douchebags. They don’t give a fuuuuck about you and will take as much money from you as possible (as little as you have). There are highly organized and  intelligent committees in place to watch your emotional reactions of music, art, and politics; they do this to keep you submissive, controlled, and ultimately, lower than they are.

Take these examples:

1. Live recording of ‘London Calling’ by The Clash. (punk)

2. Live concert recording of ‘Symphony of Destruction’ by Megadeath. (metal)

3. Live set by Deadmau5. (electronica)

4. Live concert video of ‘The Jonas Brothers’.

5. Live performance by Eminem and Rihanna: Like the Way You Lie.

Listening and watching audience reactions is paramount in forecasting public interest, budget projections, and estimating ‘pop culture’ economic returns benefiting hegmonically-dominant shareholders. Know when you are being used.

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Why we fuck shit up.

Ok, I apologize for the foul language, but I needed a hook. Stating “fucked up shit” is more effective in trying to hook an audience than something pretentious and, ultimately, ignorance just sucks. I am guilty of both ‘crimes’. However, we’re still learning!

“Fucked up shit” can fall into one of these categories:

– Trusting people we shouldn’t.

– Allowing other people to lead us down a guilt trip; guilt over something warranted, and something insignificant? Well, they are different.

– Avoiding introspection because it feels bad. *

– Letting “controlled reactions” rule your life.

– Holding onto the past. You can’t change it, and many will say you can’t change your future. So accept and deal with it.

– We tend to expect others to “play our game”. If you want something from someone? Play their game, but don’t get lost in the process. Learn to play several different roles, work them to your advantage, if and when,  needed.

– Expecting WAY too much from others.  Most people are on auto-pilot, and they don’t intend to hurt/ confuse/ upset you. Most people are selfish; accept it and adapt, then decide if you want to remain part of that low-vibrational consciousness (because you do not have to).

– Learn, understand, and accept that NO ONE will save you from yourself. The “self” is imaginary, egocentric, and destructive. We aren’t “special” on an individual basis. We are special as a race of human beings.

– LOVE each other. Let go of grudges and expectations; look around you and try to feel/ see what your fellow human is experiencing. Try to see “love” as a universal right.

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Changes Made to Disclaimer

I added some useful links for anyone interested in international law and, in particular, human rights to this site’s disclaimer.

It is imperative that (at least some of us) take initiative and understand our rights as human beings. All too often, these rights ARE NOT respected, and laws not followed. It is NOT for everyone, but those who care, should understand the laws of the Earth.


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Tips : Surviving in a Linear, Controlled Society

Let’s face it: trying to adapt to a society built on financial gain and conformity is really hard for some people. For some of us, it is impossible. At least once a day, I read something or hear something which provokes confusion and frustration.

Being “different” or having an altered perception isn’t a good thing, to most. It is understandable that people want to fit in, to belong to something. What happens when you just don’t? Never have? What can a person do when they have explored avenues in life and fail at most of them?

Main Expectations of Life:

– School / indoctrination. (FAIL)

– Money. Wealth. Becoming and staying a consumer for life. (FAIL)

– Traditional relationships. (EPIC FAIL)

– Traditional employment. (FAIL)

– Procreation. (FAIL)

– Do what you’re told, or else. (CATASTROPHIC FAIL)



How to Survive : 10 Practical Tips

DISCIPLINE. Whichever ‘rituals’ you have adopted to relax, clear your mind, concentrate, or focus … are a good thing. This is a way of loving yourself and having respect for yourself. You could jog, meditate, swim, read, etc. Any activity, whether it be mental or physical, will bring you back to a centered place of your own dwelling/ comfort. It is important to remind ourselves that we are capable of controlling our own environments, but it is a state of the conscious mind which (in our current drone-society), is more effective when practiced.

OPEN-MINDEDNESS. It is good to be skeptical. There is nothing wrong with looking at every available fact before forming an opinion (in fact it is better for you, as well as everyone else). Having a mind which allows for child-like wonder, yet experience-based ‘decision-making’ is difficult to keep up …we seem to be driving on auto-pilot most of the time, but look up, look around once in a while!

SENSE OF HUMOUR. Being able to laugh at things, even in the face of pain, sadness, and adversity helps ‘reset’ the emotional imbalances many experience. When times seem hopeless or desperate, try to find the humour in them (there usually is). Example: you lose your wallet. OUCH. Cancelling your credit card(s) and replacing your bank card, drivers licence? Wow. Poor you. It is irritating, I will admit, but does not suggest an end of your world. How did you lose it? Were you wasted out of your mind and fell out of taxi? That is funny. Did you learn your lesson?

EMBRACE LONELINESS. To feel “lonely” is something we all understand. It isn’t surprising when we feel it, is it? We know the feeling, and immediately seek to “fill a void”, but the feeling always comes back. This can happen when a person is in a relationship, single/ dating, busy as hell, whatever. It is the human condition. Constantly trying to fill a void with people, places, and things which offer temporary relief … should be viewed (consciously) as exactly that: temporary sources of fulfillment. Loneliness will always find a way to come back.

LET GO. Dwelling on past mistakes can help us understand our weaknesses, and in a ‘survival’ based way, is useful in any process of emotional and mental growth. It is easy to get stuck in a cycle of self-pity and comfort in victimization (either being the victim or needing to have one). Ask yourself what the need really is. If you find yourself playing a situation over and over in your mind, ask yourself why  you might be doing that. The process of healing the emotions is within our control.


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Dr. Steven Greer talks about scalar and zero-point, extraterrestrial life

Scalar / Zero Point Device
There have been interesting developments in the past few years, many of which aren’t openly discussed or understood. Dr. Greer is obviously an intelligent man with a lot to say and even more supporting information assisting his claims. It is somewhat troubling that one of his ‘whistleblowers’ is seemingly infatuated with an old Nazi (Von Braun), but she is so open and proud about it that there must be a reason. Greer is the creator / director of Disclosure Project.
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Space Weaponization

Questions I ask myself:

– How much of this is true?

– How can peaceful, enlightened civilizations survive as part of a “warrior culture”?

– Will this cycle ever change? What does it really mean?

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Phsychoanalysis and Medication

Has this combination ever done anything but create the appearance mental / emotional wellness in patients?  I send this question out to anyone who is willing to listen, and perhaps give productive feedback.

I’m undecided. I am reluctant to believe that the human spirit is  “healed” in this strange (though politically and socially correct) fashion.

WHY … why, why why are the masses are so willing (and trusting) to ingest medications they know nothing about?

This leads to other important questions:

– Is a patient actually in need of potentially dangerous and addictive drugs? How qualified is the clinician to assess a patient’s mental capacity?

– The history of the patient is important; is a person simply a victim of “clever” advertising and putting too much faith in their doctor?

– WHO IS the patient? How have their life experiences contributed to present mental stressors?

– As a person who has seen far too many doctors, I have studied their verbal / body language and movements, reactions, and tendencies. All too often, we are expected to inherently trust our doctors. Well, I believe trust is earned between ALL human beings, and don’t care if someone is a doctor, hobo, or the prince of Saudi Arabia. Trust is not inherently given without earning it.


Doctors should have intuition; highly valuable, yet lacking, feature of the medical community. I have one thing (for sure) going for me: my intuition. I know it because I have it, and can pick it up in others.

Why is such a basic, primal instinct overlooked in the medical industry?

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